Films and DVDs

On Faith and Fracking, an important 10 minute video featuring faith leaders speaking out against hydrofracking
Living Downstream, a documentary based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, about the connections between cancer and environmental pollution
Home by Yann Arthuc-Bertrand -- breathtaking!  Watch the entire film on You Tube
MicrocosmosWinged Migration. A French documentary on bird migration
Dirt! The Movie
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 
The Next Industrial Revolution on the work of architect William McDounough
Rivers and Tides a documentary about environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy
The Great Story, a documentary on the life of eco-theologian Thomas Berry
Videos on The New Cosmology by Brian Swimme
The Global Brain based on themes in Peter Russel's book, The Global Brain
An Inconvenient Truth A wake-up call about the effects of global warming backed up by the scientific community and narrated by former Vice President Al Gore.
Who Killed the Electric Car? A documentary on the demise of the electric car in California due to opposition by the Bush Administration, local officials, the car companies and the oil industry
GASLAND by Josh Fox
Conscious Evolution: The World At One, a thirteen-minute DVD and video program with original music, inspirational quotes and the award-winning artwork of Angela Manno