Ecological Arts

Ecological Arts:

Angela Manno's Art & Soul Studio

Janet Soderberg's photographs exploring
nature's resilience and fragility in response to human culture. 

Mary Coelho's New Universe Story Art

The Faces of Gaia

The Green Man

Green Man emerged out of Western consciousness. Does he embody the missing link between Western culture and "that sense of being at home in the universe"? 

My program in child development in nature was focused on "the mystery of (the child's perception of) the first things of life."
I was attempting to investigate a phase in our personal development when we knew ourselves to be an intrinsic part of "the great family of things." (Cape Cod poet?) Edith Cobb's book, The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood, was my inspiration.

—Tom Goodridge
Morningside (N.Y.) Friends Meeting

(excerpted from Befriending Creation, volume 24, number 2, March-April, 2011)